April 5, 2020
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Best electric bicycles of 2018

In the earlier times, we used to run the bicycle by paddling which can be used by children to go school or college and some people also use them as a medium to reach the office. After some time bicycles start coming with gears by which a person can increase the speed of the bicycle to run the bicycle fast. These types of bicycles are also used for racing on the plane roads. With the help of gears, we do not need to use our strength for paddling. But in the time of advanced technologies, now the bicycles are coming with an inbuilt integrated electric motor. There is a number of electric bicycles available in the market.  In this article we will know about the best Electric bicycles of 2018 according to their features and suspensions, so check out the best electric bicycles below:

Bulls E-Stream EVO AM 4:

This bicycle is a high-end electric mountain bicycle which is coming with the best suspension, high capacity battery, and motor. This bicycle is best if you are looking for any mountain bicycle because the weight distribution of this is excellent.

Bulls E-Stream EVO 3Carbon 27.5 Plus:

The motor of this bicycle is silent and is capable to provide you the torque of 90Nm. In this bicycle al;l the premium components are used with the ultra-integrated motor and battery. It can be used as a mountain bike as well.

Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB:

In this bicycle, you will get a headlight and it’s an adjustable bicycle which comes with complete features for the style of girls which also has chain cover to keep the chain dry and clean. You have the option to choose between the three different sizes of this bicycle.

VoltBike Enduro:

If you are looking for an affordable electric bicycle then this electric bicycle is best for you which comes with silent and powerful motor and battery. In this, you also get the options USB charging port and you can adjust the speed of your choice as well. You will get beautiful reflectors on this bicycle if you want to use it in the city with the LCD display panel.

Haibike SDURO HardNine 4.0:

This is another affordable bicycle which is available in different sizes with low weight and large tires. This bicycle is best to ride across the country. It is capable of high speed with the best motor which is usually used in costly bicycles.

Electra Loft Go! 8i:

This bicycle is for the person who wants style in their life.This a very stylish bicycle comes with Bosch motor and light in front and rear as well as the tires of this bicycle is also reflective. There are many colors available for this bicycle and you will get powerful hydraulic disc brakes on this bicycle as well.

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru:

If you want to gift an electric bicycle to your child then this bicycle is best for your child as it is a very comfortable bicycle to ride in the city which only comes in a single design and color. It is covered with reflectors, LED lights, plastic fenders etc.  And the main thing is that it is an affordable bicycle for every person.

So, if you are planning to buy or gift any bike to someone, your children or friends then you can take a look on these bikes which can be easily available in the market either for mountain bicycles or city bicycles.

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