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Compare between New Swift and Baleno

It is really hard to compare vehicles with the same cost segment and features. Swift is one of the top-selling vehicle models of Suzuki. It has other upgraded models like Dzire which is also a hit in the Indian markets. Lately, Suzuki has launched its premium cars under the name of Nexa, and it launched the models like Baleno and S-cross in this category. Now, the new Swift likely the hybrid model in comparison to older Swift is on roads with all new features and styles. Both of these vehicles are similar in designs and looks.

As per the trends in Indian Automotive market, Suzuki has been a top brand and the best choice for people. The governing points in this manner are the sales, services, mileage, spare parts availability and 100% backend services for the car users. All these points make Suzuki the best car selling brand in India. There is some range difference in both the vehicles but both come nearly with same features. Below is a proper comparison between these two models launched by Suzuki.

Boot Space:

Baleno was launched in the year 2015 in competition with the Hyundai i20. This vehicle got a quick response from the customers because of its looks, boot space, and other features. If you compare it with the New Swift, Baleno has a bigger boot space than the Swift. There is a huge difference in the same and for those who carry extra luggage must prefer Baleno then the New Swift.

Style and Design:

The New Swift is made way more stylish than the older one. Its sporty look is now more sporty and has impressed many viewers. But in comparison to Baleno, its looks are far better and sportier than the new swift. On the first look, you might see Swift as a three-door vehicle, as they have upgraded the rear window and lifted the door opening mechanism. Which might give an addition to the look, but it depends on the people how they like the design.

Led Room Space:

The leg room space in the rear seat is something better in the New Swift. Also, there is a sound gap in the headroom space. But the rear door windows are made shorter than the older model, which won’t allow you a better look at the outer world. On another hand, Baleno is equipped with a bigger Legroom space and has a sound gap in its top deck. Also, the rear window is big enough to pour some extra light into the vehicle and you have a small hole to see on the rear deck.

Performance and Economy:

Swift is well known for its economy and mileage. This was the bigger reason behind its hit image. Also, Baleno and the  New Swift have the nearly the same gross body weight and engine power, but the balance runs little smoother than Swift. But if comparing the economy, Baleno lacks back from Swift but there is only a little margin which can be ignored.

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