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Duralast Gold Battery – Proven Tough

Duralast Gold Battery

Duralast is the company that produces a variety of batteries for vehicles. Duralast Gold battery is designed in such a way that they have the best vent caps. The batteries provide all these features and help in meeting all the needs of the vehicle. The Duralast batteries are strong and enduring. Here are certain features of Duralast batteries:

  • The battery is equipped with premium quality vent caps that not only prevents leakage and corrosion but also provides a safer battery with longer life.
  • The formula helps in improving the life and performance of the battery.
  • The strong separators help in providing stability to the battery which means that there are fewer chances of short circuits.

Duralast Gold Battery

So, the Duralast batteries have all the mentioned features. As already mentioned, the Duralast makes various kinds of batteries. One out of such variety is Duralast Gold Battery. The Duralast batteries are one of the amazing products of Duralast. There are other models as well along with Gold such as normal and platinum. The group designation for Duralast Gold is 24F-DLG. Here are certain features of the Duralast Gold battery.

  • Weight and Voltage of the battery

The battery weighs 43.73lbs. The gold battery voltage is 12.

Cranking amps and Reserve Capacity of the battery

The Duralast gold battery has such a design so that it can deliver the highest cold-cranking amps. The cranking amps for the Duralast gold are 935. The reserve capacity of Duralast Gold is 130 so that the battery can fulfil the requirements of the vehicle or increase them.

Vent caps installed in the battery

The Duralast has premium quality vent caps. The vent caps are best-in-class for the safe working of the battery. vent caps provide for safety from leakage and corrosion.

Installed Handle on the battery

Always there should be something to carry and handle the battery. So, in a Duralast gold battery, a plastic loop is attached which makes it easy for the person to carry and lift it. One cannot handle the battery well without the handle.

Removable caps

There is a certain level of electrolyte that needs to be maintained. The Duralast gold battery has removable caps that allow the user or mechanic to maintain the electrolyte level in the battery of the car.

  • Warranty provided by the company

The Duralast gold battery comes with 3 years warranty that is 36 months. One can get the battery replaced in case it faces any problem. The offer is valid nation-wide.

The durability of the battery

duralast gold battery

The battery is made in such a way by the company that it has a strong construction and increases the durability of the battery. The battery has specially designed paste that also helps in improving the performance of the battery. The formula helps in better performance of the battery. The Circa tech plates also help in an increased life of the battery.

  • The technology used in the battery

The technology used in the battery helps in enhancing the performance of the battery.

It gives all the power to start itself and works in harsh conditions too.

  • Prevention from Short circuits

The increased stability to the battery means there are fewer chances of short circuit. The Circa tech plates installed in the batteries also prevents short circuits and provides longer life to the gold battery.

Safety from vibration

The battery has polypropylene construction that reduces the effect of vibration on the battery. This helps in saving the battery from any damage that can be done through vibration.

The Duralast gold battery is an amazing product for vehicles that not only meets the requirement but also exceeds the specifications. It has premium quality vent caps installed which prevents any leakage. The formula used for the bond is Life Span which improves the durability and the performance both of the battery.

Not only the better performance but the company has used certain measures to even prevent a short circuit in the battery. The batteries use electrolytes as their source of power.

The Duralast gold battery is an amazing product offer by the company. It comes with a 3-year warranty which makes it even easier for the customer to trust the company.

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