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Unusual Gifts for Car Lovers

Gifts for Car Lovers

If you have a loved one who is just crazy about cars, then you might want to consider getting them a car-themed gift for their next birthday or Christmas present. This list is here to act as inspiration, offering ideas of some unusual gifts that your car-loving friend is sure to appreciate.

1. Personalized Floor Mats

Personalized floor mats are a great gift for a car lover, as they are both practical and thoughtful. You can upload a photograph, maybe of a pet or a happy family moment, and then order the floor mats. If you don’t think a photograph would work, you could always choose to get a more minimalist design with your loved one’s initials printed on it.

2. A Car Back Massager

If your loved one spends a lot of time on the road, then you might want to consider buying them a car back massager. There are many different types of car back massagers on the market. Some are smaller and focus on the lumbar, while others will do the whole back, neck, head, and shoulders.

3. Pay for their Car Insurance

Paying for a loved one’s car insurance is a hugely generous gift that they are sure to appreciate. It is one of those fail-safe presents that you know your car-loving friend will be grateful for. You can get in contact with an insurance provider like kbdinsurance.com to find out more about paying for someone else’s car insurance.

4. A Heated Travel Mug

No matter how much you pay for a travel mug, they seem to only be able to keep the heat in a drink for a short amount of time. It seems that as soon as an hour has passed, your previously hot drink will have become an unpleasant lukewarm temperature. A heated travel mug is a great gift for any friend or family member who loves both tea or coffee and driving.

5. LED Strip Lights

If your car-loving friend is a bit more glamorous, then you might want to consider purchasing them some in-car LED strip lights. There are even some LED lights that come with a built-in sensor which allows the lights to change color to the beat of the music that is playing.

6. Remote Control Ferrari

Give your loved one the chance to drive a Ferrari this year with the iPhone remote-controlled Enzo Ferrari. Although it isn’t quite the real thing, the model is to scale and provides a great virtual driving experience. With working lights, you can use the car up to 30 meters away, and it even plays engine audio samples of the Ferrari’s engine revving.

7. A Key Finder

If your car-loving friend is also a bit forgetful, then you might want to consider purchasing them a key finder. Apple has recently launched a new device finder gadget, which works with your keys and all other Apple products. If the Apple model is not quite in your budget, then you could always purchase a more simple Tile key finder.

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