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How Tesla Electric Cars Change The Automobile Industry

Established since 2003, Tesla Motors is one of the leading brands in the automobile industry. Tesla is mainly known for its unique innovation. This brand enters the market with the sports car to gain more market, now they offer various products and services.  They provide services like batteries, autopilot, and Tesla glass services and in cars, they have Model S, Model X, Model 3 and many others. They are expert in Electric cars, lithium-ion batteries and in many other services.

In the car segment, Tesla Model S is very popular these days. Tesla Model S is the first electric car introduced in June 2012. This was the top-selling electric car in the world. A Tesla motor has completely changed the automobile industry.  Now lots of new manufacturers are working on electric cars to capture the market quickly. Due to heavy competition, the price of electric cars is now decreasing.

An electric car is helpful for our environment and helps to control problems like Global warming and greenhouse effects. This is also helpful to reduce air pollution. Electric cars utilize electric motors and rechargeable batteries such as nickel-cadmium or nickel metal cells. Tesla offers various charging techniques like

  1. Home charging: In this, you can charge your car with a charging cable like a mobile phone, Tesla recommends to charge your car at overnight. You can install Tesla charging connector at your home.
  2. Destination charging: Tesla is building a network of destination charging, by providing these charging connector to other Companies at free of cost. More than 5000 companies have participated in this.
  3. Tesla turbocharging: Turbochargers is another technique offered by Tesla for those peoples who go on a long trip. Till now Tesla built 861 supercharger charging stations. Tesla built all these charging stations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia.

Owning a car is something most people would wish. Having your own personal car requires constant maintenance which does not usually come cheap. The electric car is the best option for you to save money and fuel.

Tesla technologies and Car models:

    1. Batteries: Tesla built the world first lithium-ion They are best in this field in Tesla cars models the batteries are placed on the floor of the vehicle to save the interior space and for comfort.
    2. Autopilot: Tesla is the first company to develop the self-driving car in the automobile Today’s lost of companies are focusing on self-driving cars. Companies like Google, Mercedes, Intel, Nissan all these companies developing self-driving cars. Google is working on an Android operating system for self-driving.
    3. Tesla Glass service: Tesla also built solar system devices to generate electricity by using solar energy. Tesla glasses are used in solar panel devices which are installed on a rooftop. These Tesla glasses are durable and reliable.
    4. Tesla Model S: Tesla Model S is the first electric car, which changes the whole automobile industry, the Tesla Model S use lithium-ion batteries to store electricity. The main feature of this car is it work on petrol as well as electricity.

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