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Inhale Ah My God with the amazing Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes-Benz is an international automobile manufacturer and the subsidiary of a German company called Daimler AG. Mercedes is well-known for their luxury cars, buses, and trucks. It is one of the best automobile brands in the world and they produced more than 770 models till now. They are a world leader in luxury cars, buses, and others and were founded in 1926.

Mercedes-AMG GT is one of the best sports cars made by Mercedes. This is the second sports car made by Mercedes is introduced in September 2014 and in October 2014 for the public. Design of this model is same as the design of previous AMG model. The design of this supercar is light in weight which is made of 90 percent aluminum and magnesium. Mercedes-Benz achieves many awards in their business including Best sales award 2010 best service award 2010, 2011 and much more.

Mercedes-AMG GT is powered by turbo v8 engine with exhaust and turbocharger. Wheels receive power from 7 shift gears and can reach 0 to 60 mile per hour in 3.8 seconds. The top speed of this supercar is around 319 kilometers per hour. Many people love the idea of a new Mercedes, complete with factory Mercedes wheels and the state of the art features that make the vehicles some of the best rides on the road.

Mercedes has been gaining some serious traction in recent years, as well, and the company is on pace to continue its growth through 2011. Of course, the great look of quality Mercedes wheels adds to the styling of their newer vehicles. Mercedes wheels are important because they’ve helped to establish the brand as a luxury provider, and great Mercedes wheels make a difference to drivers in the United States.

Apart from the great look and design of Mercedes wheels, the company is introducing slight revisions of its luxury lines in 2011, including Mercedes AMG GT. The AMG GT will put those famous Mercedes wheels to work with 525 horsepower in its 5.2 FSI iteration. Of course, those Mercedes-AMG GT wheels are still quite expensive, and it remains to be seen how the economy will affect the brand’s sales. It’s possible that replica Mercedes wheels might gain some popularity in the coming year.

People who are interested in a luxury interior in their Mercedes vehicles will also appreciate the relatively high standard of luxury in many older Mercedes models. As is the case with many luxury cars, Mercedes Benz vehicles tend to be well cared-for, and by looking for a car with a good service history and a positive car report, it’s easy to find a used set of Mercedes wheels that meets and exceeds the interior options of a new car while still offering great performance and dependability.

Specification of Mercedes-AMG GT

Top Speed: 319 Kilometers per hour.

Engine: 4-liter turbo twin V8 Engine.

Transmission: automatic.

Gear Shift: 7 Shift Gears.

Max power: 576@6250 rpm

Max Torque: @1900 to 5500 rpm 700 nm

Mileage: 12 kilometers per liter.

Acceleration: 0 to 100 km in 3.6 seconds.

Seating capacity: 2 people.

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