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Off-road biking is an altogether different experience than riding a regular street bike especially when you are riding over a dirt surface. It generates a great thrill that ultimately boosts the adrenline rush in your brain. The excitement that you feel and makes the crowd go crazy is simply amazing. I am pretty sure that you must have seen off-road biking whether live or on a television set. It makes one wonder how someone can be this crazy to ride among dirt and bumps. Believe me, the vision of having all that sheer pleasure and excitement beats every sort of oddity.

Off road biking demands a good deal of practice and bike riding experience for not any regular rider can do this. Dirt bikes are super lightweight bikes because they are ridden in dirt, make high jumps and do other crazy stunts. Most bikes come with rugged tires and suspensions so that they suit the adversities of the terrain. They have to deal with rough terrain like mud, dirt, rocks, etc. Dirt bikes, other than the various features that a bike should have, can have two-stroke or four-stroke engines. They are usually grouped into four categories.

Categories Of Dirt Bikes: There are four types of dirt bikes:

Motocross: These bikes are designed for a closed-course competition which means that a limited area is provided to run the bikes. They are equipped with a single cylinder engine which provides fast speed. Their suspension is made to sustain high jumps and provide acceleration quickly to the bike. To keep the motocross bikes light weight, equipment like mirror, speedometer, bike stand, electric starters are not provided in them.

Trail Riders: These bikes are able to handle long rides with rough terrains. These bikes are not suitable for high jumps like Motocross bikes. This bike comes with a long suspension, larger tires and minimum bodywork that is why these bikes are light weight. Trail riders run way better over a variety of dirt surfaces and difficult terrains than other off-road or dirt bikes.

Enduro: In appearance, these bikes look similar to the motocross bikes but theses bikes are not designed for taking high jumps in the air. These bikes have lighter frame than that of motocross. These are designed for longer races rather than riding around a limited area. Unlike motocross, these are equipped with mirrors, turn signals, headlights, etc. So, racing these bikes is more like a mixture of street racing and off-road racing. Due to not much work on comfort level and long suspensions, these bikes are not suitable casual long rides.

Dual Sport: Dual bikes are suitable to run over a dirt surface or asphalt surface. These bikes run better over a dirt surface than a regular street bike. It makes less noise over an asphalt surface than that of a dirt bike. These bikes are equipped with mirrors, headlights, signal turns, etc to make them legal for riding in streets.

If you are also wondering to buy a dirt bike and enjoy the pleasure that it offers, make sure that you take the advice of someone professional while giving stunts and jumps a hot.

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