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Raw Materials used by Auto Manufacturers

A wide range of raw materials is needed for the production and manufacture of automobiles such as steel, Aluminum, glass as well as petroleum products to make plastics, rubber, and special fibers. First of all, the mining of war material is done and extracted from the earth. After that, there is a conversion of raw material by the raw material production company to prepare it for the use of auto manufacturers in the production process of automobiles. All those materials can be purchased by the auto manufacturers of the cars or sold to the suppliers of the auto parts.

In the production of cars and auto parts, the automobile industries consume raw materials from different parts of the globe. The four most utilized commodities in the field of cars are steel, rubber, plastics and aluminum. In addition to this, the automobile industry depends not just on the gasoline for plastic synthesis and other synthetic materials but also on the oil as well as petroleum products. For the assembling of the automobiles, the number of components is used. Apart from the building blocks of huge size like engines and transmissions, other interior parts are there such as instrument panels, sets, and HVAC systems. However, over the years, the way to assemble all these parts has changed but the overall bulk products in automotive manufacturing have remained the same on a large scale.

Steel: It is the base of raw material that is produced from the mined iron ore and the most commonly used element in the field of auto manufacturing. It covers the eight percent weight of the car and used to construct the chassis and body of the car which comprises a roof, body as well as the door panels and the beams between doors. Mufflers and exhaust pipes are also used.

Plastics: The raw material sources in the manufacture of the car are oil and gas (Also known as petroleum). The transformation of petroleum byproducts into the plastic is done by the chemical companies. Plastics and steel are the challengers in the automobile manufacturing industry. The fifth percent of plastic is used in the process of manufacturing cars. The countless parts made from the plastic are handles of door, air vents, airbags and the dashboard.

Aluminium: Due to the malleability properties along with the lightweight nature, Aluminum is used in the manufacture of cars. It accounts to just two percent of the weight of an average car in the past and now, it is fifteen percent. Aluminium is used to make the wheels of the car. Aluminium is used to make the wheels of the car as well as for driveshafts, hubs, shocks and battery trays for electric vehicles.

Rubber: The auto industry is necessary for the rubber industry and rubber is a must for cars. One of the most important parts of cars is made up of rubber which is known as Tires. Apart from the car’s tires, Rubber is used to make various belts, hoses as well as seals crucial to the function of the engine of the car. Similarly to the plastic, rubber can also take any shapes and flexible for automobiles. Eighty percent of rubber is utilized by the automobile manufacturing industries across the globe.

Final Words

To encapsulate, the automobile industry is using more raw materials as compared to any other production industry.

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