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Rolls Royce is not just a brand which produces cars; it has become a royal name in the automotive industry. With just fewer models equipped with the latest technology, fantastic looks, these cars are meant for riches across the world. Rolls Royce was incorporated in 1904 by Charles Stewart Rolls and Fedrick Henry Royce. It produced luxury cars and aero engines. Since its inception, this brand became quite popular as the best car in the world. With such a long history and many ups and downs, today it is owned by the German group BMW. Now, it manufactures luxury cars under the brand name of Rolls Royce Motorcars Limited. To be concerned about its popularity, once there was a survey conducted in the year 1987 which showed that after Coca-Cola, Rolls Royce was the next popular brand known at that time.

The current models with Rolls Royce are the Ghost, Wraith, Dawn, and Phantom. They also have an upcoming model named as Cullinan which will be launched sooner on the global roads. These vehicles are so mastered and most of the parts are handmade with perfection. Its grill, logo all are specially crafted which makes them rule the roads. Here, we are going to discuss some facts which make Rolls Royce the best brand in the world.

Celebrity love: Even it’s an actor, billionaire businessman or the king himself, tends to attain his own Rolls Royce. This brand has become the mark of riches and only the wealthiest persons own a Rolls Royce. This brand name has become the mark of excellence and wealth. Also, it is the dream car for every individual who wants to be rich one day.

The Spirit of Ecstacy: Rolls Royce is well known for its looks interiors and the automotive mascot. The mascot has its own charm that no another brand in the world matches its presence. The Spirit of Ecstacy is basically the bonnet ornament on every Rolls Royce. It is a statue of a woman, leaning forward with her arms stretched backward. The cloths blowing with her arms resemble the wings. This mascot is automatic and comes out when the driver starts the car.

The Exquisite materials: There are various luxury car brands across the globe and most of them fake the things by using fake materials. The interiors they use are not what exactly they look like. But this is not with Rolls Royce. If they claim that the dashboard is made up of the wood material, then it will be made up of real trees. Also, in most of the special edition vehicles, it used gold and crystals as per the customer requests. As a matter of fact, the leather used in Rolls Royce is from the bulls and not from cows. The reason behind is that cows get stretched marks on their skin when they are pregnant.

Technology with elegance: Most of the expensive cars come with latest technologies and they bombard it for the users. But this is not the case with Rolls Royce. They implant what’s latest in technology but add classic excellence to it, which makes it different from other brands.

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