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Suzuki GSX- R1000

Established in 1909, Suzuki Motor Corporation is Japan based automobile company. This is one of the most popular brands that you have heard and 9th most popular and biggest manufacturer in the world. They have one hundred and thirty three distributors in one hundred ninety two countries. They also have thirty five production facilities in twenty three countries with over forty five thousand employees working in the organization. With the 10th largest sales volume around the world and 3rd largest sales volume in the country makes it the most popular brand globally.

In the year of 2000, Suzuki again introduces its new bike with a totally redesigned engine and lighter frame then the previous bike. This new model of Suzuki becomes the most appreciated bike with improved performance and more new features. Suzuki introduces its new two wheeler motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R1000 in 2001 in the replacement of GSX-R 1000 and achieves the fastest production in bikes. This bike has identical physical dimension as compared to last year model. The height of the seat is lower than the previous bike but a structure of the bike is same as before. The bike wheels and frame were coated with black color and also bike is updated with new head light, newly designed aluminum alloy frame and tail fairing. The material used in this bike is .5mm thicker but a frame of the bike remains same as before.

After the three years of GSX version, Suzuki introduced its new version in late 2002. Their experienced team works on the things to make the bike fast then the faster and lightweight, more power and handling. Now the bike has more power with many new features but the cylinder displacement of the engine remains the same. In cycle world magazine, they describe Suzuki as one of the most famous and advanced sports bikes of all time. In its 6th generation, Suzuki becomes the most advanced sports bike and they marketed many of its new GSX-R models in 2001.

The model of GSX-R 1000was redesigned in the year of 2005 with many updated features with 11 cc engine and 4.4 ib lower then the previous bike. After that in 2006, they launched their series of GSX-R 1000 model with many new features. Now the bike has a new frame with a reduced total length of the bike by 41 mm. Suzuki has a highly-qualified and well-trained team with years of experience in automobile industry. The technologies and innovation done by the team of research and development have changed the world completely. If you think to purchase this bike for city road conditions then this bike is best for you. You can enjoy the ride with this bike in heavy traffic conditions.

In its all-new model, Suzuki has a most powerful liquid cooled engine with motion track control system, new LED lights, easy to start system, motion track break, lighter aluminum body, better shove suspension, improved LED combination tail, break headlights and better Aerodynamics. Suzuki engineer always works to manufacture improved and better products with more features.

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