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Top 5 innovations for Helicopters in 2017

Air Travel is a very popular form of transport and the safest form of them all. It has been a century since the first airplane took its flight in 1912. Airplanes have seen great innovations in the past century that has helped make air travel safer than ever. Planes are becoming more advanced with the use of latest technology. Modern planes have more safety features to ensure a smooth and safe flight to passengers.

Not only the machines, but pilots are also becoming more skilled with the help of flight simulators. New pilots are chosen when they pass the flight simulators and can deal with any situation during their flights. Helicopters are also an air transportation means and are very helpful in various situations. Helicopters have many practical applications than just simple travel as they can be used by military or for emergency services. Many companies have started research and development projects in this concept and some have even realized some techs.

Here is the list of top 5 technical innovation for helicopters in 2017-

  1. Honeywell’s virtual reality Headset – A virtual reality headset is a device that provides the wearer simulation of an imaginary or virtual world. These headsets are used in gaming but their use in simulators and training programs has also increased. Honeywell’s virtual reality headset simulates the various aircraft operations and scenarios quite perfectly. This will not only help the wearer take a look at the view from the helicopter but help them train to solve flight issues. This with flight simulators will be a great training exercise for new pilots.
  2. SkyVis- SkyVis is a helmet that consists of a mounted head display and Enhanced Flight Vision Systems. It enables pilots to perform missions under adverse weather and bad visibility conditions while facilitating high mission safety and success rate. The situational awareness of the pilot is enhanced by the Combined Vision system.
  3. SmartCopter- SmartCopter is a roll-on/roll-off communication suite developed by Aeronautics Corp of America and JAGID. It is a portable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance cockpit situational awareness and communications system for law enforcement and military purposes. SmartCopter suite can be fitted inside a cargo compartment and also contains video, audio, and data feed input/output. It also has Wi-Fi capability.
  4. TTR-4100- Developed by Rockwell Collins, TTR-4100 is a traffic alert and collision avoidance system for helicopters. It not only detects other aircrafts and alerts the pilot but also provides collision avoidance maneuvers on the display. It meets the latest traffic advisory and resolution systems mandate. This system will help the pilots to fly the helicopter safely in congested airspace.
  5. AFD Multifunction Primary Flight Display- a primary flight display is an instrument that displays the flight information to the pilot. Astronautics AFD Multifunction Primary Flight Display are higher resolution AMLCDs, LED backlights, more advanced processing and graphics generation, patented night vision goggle performance. This system is customizable and is available in 2-5 display configurations.

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