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Unknown Facts about Bullet Train

Bullet trains are also known as high-speed trains is a network of high-speed railway lines which is first operated by Japan’s five groups of railways. It is also known as the Shinkansen in Japan. Japan ran its first bullet train 1964 with the maximum speed of 320 Km/hour and it is connected with mostly all major cities of Japan. After this, many other countries have also started the bullet trains by which people reach their destination very quickly. However, there are many unknown facts about the bullet trains that we discuss below in this article.

  • The name bullet was given to the train because it has the shape and speed of a bullet of a gun. It was first proposed in the 1930s but it starts operating from 1964 by Japan.
  • Japan is known for its fastest trains but China has the fastest bullet train which operates commercially at the speed of 268 mph with full of passengers. The name of that train is Shanghai Maglev.
  • If we talk about other countries then France is also known for the speedy trains which can run at the speed of up to 168 mph. These trains are known as TGV La Poste trains as well as the French mail service.
  • Another bullet train of France is SNCF TGV which can hit up to 357.2 mph and it still uses wheels. This peed makes this train as fastest train than Veyron by 100 mph.
  • In Japan, millions of people travel through these bullet trains daily and no one has ever died in any So they feel traveling in the bullet train as the safest way to travel from one place to other.
  • You will hear a sonic boom sound if you stand nearby a tunnel from which a bullet train exits at a speed of 200 mph. The sound in the tunnel is so loud so the government of Japan has decided to install some tunnel extensions to reduce the sound.
  • To cross or to run in the tunnels there is a speed limit in Japan as if the speed of the train is high then with the high-speed sound will also be high that can damage the cargo in the bullet train as well.
  • In the earlier times, there are Maglevs bullet trains, which can run at very high speed and are more energy efficient. Today trains are much more like the normal trains which have smooth tracks to run at high speeds.
  • By 2027, Japan will expand the network of the bullet trains which can run on up to the speed of 375 mph to provide the fastest service to the people of Japan to reach their destination as quickly as possible.
  • A 12-mile long track is prepared by Japan now to test the new upcoming bad boys bullet trains and they sometimes allow the people to ride the test bullet train for free.
  • To run bullet trains on the track, superconductors are used which are far better than any electromagnets to lift a freaking train.

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