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What Is Ceramic Paint Coating? Is It Good for Your Car?

Ceramic Paint Coating

Many car owners want their vehicles to always look as new as they just came out of the showroom. But, due to some unwanted circumstances, sometimes their vehicles face scratches and stains. And when car owners think of revising their cars to get rid of those unpleasant scars or just for aesthetic reasons, they inevitably encounter something called ceramic paint coating.

What Is Ceramic Paint Coating?         

The ceramic paint coating is a special type of chemical that is manually applied to the existing vehicle paint. Chemicals like epoxy, quartz, or a hybrid of both are used for ceramic coating. Ceramic coating bonds with the existing paint of a vehicle and remains there for up to 10 years, depending upon the quality of material used. And this can bring a permanent and candy gloss finish to an old car that turns heads on the highway.

Why Ceramic Paint Coating Is Beneficial For Your Car?

The advantage of car paint ceramic coating is beyond aesthetics. And here are several of those benefits.

Ceramic Coating Car

It Gives Your Car A Layer of Protection.

Every car owner fears light scratches on their cars. But once a car has a ceramic paint coating, light scratches will not be able to damage the car because that paint adds a layer of protection. But don’t confuse the ceramic paint with a suit of armor, as scratches are still very possible. However, your car stays safe from scratches created by dirt and mud for sure.

It Keeps Your Car UV Protected

As prolonged sun exposure damages our skin, it’s quite obvious that exposure to ultraviolet rays leads to a wide variety of car problems. If you stay in a region with extreme heat, it can cause oxidation and lead to cracking or fading in your car paint.

A ceramic paint coating works like an umbrella and repels harmful radiation by shielding your car from the damaging effects of the sun.

Washing your car frequently with a ceramic paint coating can drastically extend the lifespan of your vehicle and reduce the chance of coat peeling.

Protect Your Car from Bird Composts

Bug guts and bird composts contain high amounts of uric acid and other stomach enzymes that can dissipate into your car’s exterior. Sometimes the bird droppings also get dried onto the car when left ignored under the sun for too long. This kind of damage leads to an extremely costly repair.

The ceramic paint coating is one of the best ways to prevent it from happening. A layer of ceramic paint coating leaves no room for those pollutants to pierce through your car.

Saves Your Car from Water Damage

Water gives us life. But that is not certainly real for your vehicle. The calcium and other minerals present in water can cause marks on your vehicle when left over anextended period of time. Thus, it is extremely important to keep your car’s exterior surface dry during the rainy season.

Ceramic coating brings in one of those benefits as it is aquaphobic, which means that water molecules can easily slide right off when they come into contact with the product.

Final Words

Ceramic quoting is undoubtedly a good option for your car. It provides protection as well as helps you to maintain a long-lasting candy gloss shine. However, you must not prefer DIY ceramic paint coating since it requires professional hands to apply the paint properly. If you want to ask any questions or want to book a session for a ceramic paint coating for your car, visit Car Toys.

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