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Exhaust gas neutralizer is an important part of your car

Exhaust gas neutralizer

A catalyst is a big part of the entire exhaust system. But why is it required? What function does it perform? Even though a catalyst is an important part of most vehicles, some car owners tend to remove it. Does it mean that this component is an unnecessary thing? Well, the question concerning the use of a cat has both defenders and critics. Let’s look at this issue from different points of view.

Catalysts were designed to reduce harmful impact of toxic exhaust gases on the atmosphere. It is widely known that traffic fumes pollute the nature, affect climate, and human health. A catalytic converter became a solution of this complex problem. The component makes vehicles more environmentally friendly by neutralizing hazardous substances in exhaust fumes, such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Why Is A Catalytic Converter So Important?

This component looks like a big metal box fastened to the underside of a vehicle with 2 pipes coming out of it. There is a ceramic honeycomb-like structure coated with a layer of precious metals located inside the housing. When the engine is running exhausted gases enter the convertor and heat it.

The temperature of converter rises and toxic components decompose when flowing through a honeycomb structure. And hazardous carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon turn into relatively harmless compounds: carbon dioxide and nitrogen. As a result, environmental requirements are met.

Vehicles have become an essential part of many people’s life. In 2015, specialists of Navigant Research stated that there was over 940 million cars in the world at that time. They believe that this number will have been increased to 126 million units by 2035.

Let’s keep in mind that a car itself is not a harmless invention. Besides making people’s life more convenient it poses a certain threat to the global ecology situation. So a catalyst makes negative impacts on the nature less considerable. That is why this component is worth using.

If the catalyst of your car is clogged, malfunctioned or needs to be replaced for some other reason, you should know a good place to buy a new one for a reasonable price not to pay too much. We suggest you visit autocatalystmarket.com in USA. This is a trusted online market dealing with vehicle catalysts. Here you can easily find a perfect catalytic converter among over 24,000 items! It is the biggest cat base in the world with correct prices.

How To Choose A Catalytic Converter?

In fact, choosing this component is not a difficult task. You need is to take only five steps:

  1.  Visit an appropriate website. You can choose any one, but it’s better to click the link above leading to a reliable online market.
  1.  Don’t feel confused due to so many offers. You should narrow your focus to the cats that fit your car’s year, make, and model by using filters.
  1.  Pay attention to the Vehicle Emissions Control Information Tag which can be usually found in one of two spots in the engine compartment. This tag contains information concerning emissions certification of your vehicle.
  1.  Choose a catalyst according to your vehicle’s factory emissions certification: Heavy Metal Grade OBDII, OEM Grade OBDII, Standard Load Pre-OBDII, etc.
  1.  Decide on what converter configuration you are looking for. There are two large groups: direct-fit and universal-fit cats. Keep in mind that devices of the first category give you hassle-free, OE-like fitment and universal-fit ones may require additional treatment, namely, cutting and welding.

Now it is easier to choose the best item, isn’t it?

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