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Harley Davidson Iron 883

Harley Davidson has been on the summit of the classic motorcycle market since it was founded in 1903. Harley Davidson has been known for their roaring engines and performance all across the globe. The best thing about Harley Davidson motorcycles is that they haven’t forgotten their past. But it should be interpreted as their lack of evolution as Harleys have evolved more than any other motorcycle brand in the market. The new 2018 Harley Davidson Iron 883 has followed the philosophy and has joined the dark custom family of Harleys.

The Iron 883 is a known member of the Harleys’ Sportster line of motorcycles that have been produced since 1957. The latest Iron 883 has remained unchanged from its classic retro sports bike look. It has retained its clutter-free design, which looks even more aggressive than its predecessor, due to the blacked out custom style. The new Iron 883 is a purely blacked motorcycle from the engine to exhaust, frame, wheels, forks, etc. The fuel tank is peanut-shaped coated with a color that increases the dark and ferociousness of the 2018 Iron 883.  There isn’t a single drop of chrome that you can find on the new Iron 883.

The Iron 883 comes with an 883-cc V-Twin 4-stroke engine that produces a torque of 70 NM. The 883-cc engine is sufficient to produce a 50 BHP of power. The rubber mounted engine can run smoothly forever thousands of miles without making a creek. The engine is air-cooled, and the power it produces is supported by a 5-speed gearbox. The gearbox transmits the power from the engine to rear wheels with the help of a belt drive.


In the front, you get a 19-inch wheel complemented with a 16-inch rear wheel. The rims are a 9-spoke, also black in color that completely blends with the black tires and gives a mechanical look. The wheels are mounted with a telescopic front fork and rear mounted dual springs ensures a smooth and comfortable riding experience even for hundreds of miles. The front and rear suspension provide a responsive riding experience both in the cities and the highways.

But the element that ensures the rider comfort the most is the rider seat, and Iron 883 is fitted with a tuck and roll seat. The seat is front-biased, which enhances the Sportster feel and character of the Iron 883. The instrumental cluster gets an LCD display to show the details of the bike. The menu can be controlled by a switch.

In terms of sound, the dual short exhausts produce a throaty sound that exceeds the Evolution motor’s displacement. The license plate is side mounted provides a uniqueness to the styling. The engine is powerful enough to introduce itself as a Harley Davidson machine. The suspension and transmission do their job perfectly for ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. The use of Chrome is kept to a bare minimum, opposite to traditional Harley bikes. With all the advanced features, the new Iron 883 is a much-awaited entrant in the middleweight cruiser and sporty category this year.


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