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Husqvarna Motorcycles Present the best motocross with latest features

Nowadays, technology is very vast and advanced. The motorcycles or sports bikes are updates with new updating features such as GPS location, traction control and cornering ABS.  Every person prefers the motor vehicle throughout the world. From all the vehicles, the bike is the most famous and demanded vehicle among people especially in youth. There are various models of bikes available in the market but, nowadays some brands are becoming very famous.

The Husqvarna Motorcycles designs manufacture and distribute motocross, supermoto, and street motorcycles. The Husqvarna Motorcycles introduced the new updating motorcycles such as TC 50, TC 65, and TC 85. They combine the advanced technology with top end feature offers the young riders with mini motocross ranges. This motocross released in 2019 offers the young riders feels the best experience at the real rider machine with more thrills.

The TC 50 motocross offers the riders striking look and ergonomic feel with the Husqvarna motorcycles. In this model of motorcycles using more superior quality of components and perfect design for the riders. The latest 2 stroke technology, improve the engine working with the centralization of masses.  In this model, the engine is fitted with an automatic centrifugal clutch that reduces the complexity of riding for the young riders.

Some highlights of the TC50 motocross:

  • Design the bodywork model with a full-size range
  • Using waved brake disc
  • Types of tyres such as black aluminium and MAXXIS
  • Use the radiator spoiler channel air for better cooling
  • In graphic such as white, yellow and blue

The TC 65 motocross offers the young motocross rider for a chance to feel better experience a full race bike with hydraulic clutch and a manual gearbox. This feature is introduced at the first time in riding careers. The TC 65 offers the same features for the rides that are found in Husqvarna’s larger motocross machines. The engine of TC 65 built for the lightest and durable materials. The engine features a manual 6-speed transmission and hydraulic clutch allowing the rider to have full control of the power delivery.

The TC 80 motocross offers the ride same features of the full sized of Husqvarna motorcycles. It offers the riders for a chance to push their limits with more confidence. The design of the engine is a combination of top-level performance and more reliability. The cylinder is designed around an innovative power valve system that extensively enhances power, torque, and controllability. The engine uses innovative power valve that allows power delivery in a simple, tailored approach and effective way. The 6-speed gearbox and Formula hydraulic diaphragm spring clutch allow for the power to be correctly delivered across the RPM range.

Some specific feature in TC 80 motocross such as:

  • Easily select the self-cleaning gear
  • Offer the air box for air filters
  • Prevent the dirt build up
  • Types of tyres are black excel and standard MAXXIS
  • Using the new graphic methods
  • Use the 240 mm front  waved disc

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