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What to do if your vehicle is suffering since the VW emissions scandal

Following the well-reported VW emissions scandal and when dealing with VW emissions compensation, leading law firm Slater and Gordon surveyed more than 11,000 VW owners who had had their cars ‘fixed’ by the company to find out how it had impacted them. What the legal firm found through their research is extremely alarming. In light of the results gained from the survey, we’ve put together some advice on what to do if you experience any of the most common issues arising since the ‘fix’.

This advice will apply whether you’re a VW driver who has or hasn’t been affected by the scandal, or even if you’re just a car driver of any brand. Of course, if you do experience any of the problems below then the first thing you need to do is seek the guidance and expertise of a trained motor professional. However, we have some useful tips that might also help.

What to do if my engine cuts out on the motorway

More than 1,200 of the vehicles ‘fixed’ by VW following the scandal went into ‘limp mode’ which resulted in thousands of cars failed at 70mph on the motorway or along busy roads. If your vehicle goes into limp mode or your engine cuts out you should:

  • Immediately put your hazard warning lights to let others know there is an issue.
  • Try to pull over to safe place if you can and call for help.
  • DO NOT continue to drive your vehicle in limp mode as this is extremely unsafe.

What to do if I notice a reduction in fuel efficiency

A worrying 18% of those questioned in the survey say they have noticed a reduction in fuel efficiency since their vehicle was ‘fixed’ by VW. Here are ways in which you can improve your fuel efficiency:

  • Make sure your tyres are pumped up with enough air pressure. Under-inflated tyres cause the vehicle to burn more fuel.
  • When appropriate and if your vehicle offers the feature, take advantage of cruise control.
  • Get your battery cables checked – cables in bad condition cause the engine to work harder thus burn more fuel unnecessarily.

What to do when my car engine is juddering

More than 10% of the VW owners involved in the repercussions of the emissions scandal said they have noticed their vehicle is now juddering regularly. If you notice your engine misfiring. The best thing to do is ask an expert to check your spark plugs and leads as you may very well need new ones. Juddering engines really are best left to the professionals.

If you have any of your own car safety advice, or if you’d like to share your experience of the VW scandal, come and join the conversation over on social media.

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