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5 Personal Touches to Add to Your Vehicle That Aren’t Tacky

Vehicle customisation can be tricky. On the one hand, you’d love to add a personal touch to your car or bike and make it truly yours. But the last thing you want to do is make it look like something out of an episode of Pimp my Ride. Certain customisations can hurt your vehicle’s resale value, which we all know is not a good idea.

Fortunately, there are many simple and often affordable ways for you to personalise your vehicle without ruining the bodywork, hurting the resale value or simply making it look tacky. From tasteful interior updates to paint-protecting wrap jobs, here are five customisations that you can make to your vehicle today.

New Wheels

The great thing about lacing your ride in a new pair of shoes is that you can keep the factory wheels pristine for resale when comes the time you want to buy a new one. Depending on your taste, you can easily pick up a new set of wheels that are not only better looking, but also beneficial to your vehicle’s fuel economy due to their lower weight.

Pimping Your Keys

Adding a unique and high-quality touch such as a key tag to your car or bike’s keys not only gives them a fresh new look, but also makes it easier to find your keys and pick them up when you need them – especially if you’re wearing gloves.

These key tags from BRAAP feature a durable polyester construction and a strong key ring that won’t scratch other metal surfaces. The “Launch Key” and “Caution” tags are particularly fitting for performance rides, ensuring that anyone who decides to take your vehicle for a spin knows what they’re getting into.

Cleaning Up Your Interior

If your ride has been around for a few years, chances are that the seats have seen better days. Perhaps it’s an ideal time to wrap your seats in a new set of covers, refreshing the look and ensuring that the original seats don’t take any further damage.

Similarly, your floor mats can easily be replaced with a new set of rubber or soft-touch mats that will protect the original ones and provide superior grip. They’re also easier to remove for cleaning. This simple and affordable customisation can not only improve the look of your interior, but also add some functionality and preserve resale value.

Wrap it Up

Unlike a paint job, a wrap is significantly more cost-effective and can easily be removed at any time. Aside from giving your car or bike a refreshing new coat of any colour you can imagine, wrapping your ride comes with a number of additional benefits. This includes protection from scratches and sun damage, as well as concealing any prior scratches.

Personalised Plates

Perhaps the most simple and effective of all customisations, a personalised plate can convey a message of your choice to the world. Keep in mind that the further your text goes outside of the standard letter count, the more pricey it gets.

What’s great here is that these personal touches will preserve, if not improve the resale value of your vehicle, making it a worthwhile investment indeed.

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