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Portable GPS Car System & Dealer Installed One

The vehicles on our roads nowadays have navigation systems installed to help drivers find their way, something which was crucial for airplanes and cruise ships some years ago. The cheapest of cars are also coming with optional navigation systems from factories, allowing buyers decide whether to get the system installed. Drivers or car owners have a choice between a portable GPS system or a have a dealer install a system in the car. The driver could also resort to using apps on their mobile phones to get directions or to find their current position.

When it comes to fleets, it is necessary for fleet managers to be aware of the location of the vehicle at any given time. Managers also need to be able to access data relating to the vehicle, such as the speed, while it is on the road. It may be hard to monitor vehicles through a mobile phone which is why GPS devices such as those found at the EyeRide website come in handy. This technology allows fleet managers and drivers to easily monitor and exchange records for management purposes.

Choosing a navigation system

It may prove hard to choose a navigation system that best meets your needs. The driver may have the option of using a mobile phone for navigation, but it would not provide statistics about the trip to the fleet manager. The best and the safest option would be to use a navigation system that updates in real time by using global positioning system to make out where you are and how to get to where you want to go from your current position. There are three options when it comes to navigation systems – buy the car equipped with a system from the factory, have a dealer install one, or get a portable navigation system that requires little or no installation at all.

Dealer-installed GPS car system

This makes use of equipment from the automaker of your car, but instead of having it installed at the factory, it is installed at a dealership.  The dealer- installed, as well as the factory-installed system has several disadvantages:

The maps are stored in a CD or DVD at the time of purchasing the car or at the point the navigation system is installed at the dealership. These maps get outdated with time. However, some manufacturers take it upon themselves to send car owners new maps after a certain duration, say six months.

The dealer-installed and the factory–installed systems increase the cost of the car by a substantial amount and the buyer only gets to enjoy their full benefits if the maps are up-to-date.

The dealer-installed navigation system may be a bit cheaper than a factory-installed one but may not fit well where it is installed, for example on the dashboard.

Installing a navigation system by a dealer may void the warranty of the vehicle. Otherwise, the dealership installing the navigation may just offer a warranty for their work alone and not the installed system.

Portable GPS system

They are the cheapest compared to dealer-installed or the factory-installed GPS system. However, they may not fit in well in the car and may not be very presentable.

They also do not offer some very great features as the dealer-installed systems such as Automatic Crash Response or Vehicle Diagnostics.

They can be stolen due to their portability and have smaller displays compared with the dealer-installed ones (which are from automakers and so are not different from factory-installed ones.)

They are cheap in terms of initial cost and can be moved from one car to another, avoiding extra expenses on a specific vehicle.


The navigation system is a crucial addition to a car that makes it safer for the driver to be always aware of their location. These systems also help you find your way easily.

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