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All about automobile parts you need to know

Automobile comes in front of people in a single form but the different parts of the world. The manufacturing companies of automobile select the best automotive parts from the different countries of the world and then assemble it so as to make a good automobile. An automobile consists of different automotive parts which come under the different categories. One interesting part is that one can initiate the business of the automotive parts only if there are several car manufacturing companies or plants near the area.  One can get the inclined growths in the business of automobile parts if you have the best quality automobile parts within the store. One can also sell the parts of automobiles to the automobile repair companies and they will offer a good price in an exchange with the parts. So before setting up the business of parts of an automobile, one should go through the below mentioned categories of the automobile parts.

Auto body parts-

These parts are also known as exteriors of the automobiles. The major two parts of the exterior portion of the automobile are bumper and bonnet. But it does not mean that no other part comes under this category. In fact, there are certain accessory parts like hard trim, roof racks, fender, trim package, crown screen and crown screen. The doors and the windows of the automobile have also come under the category of auto body parts. The glass of window also comes under the category of auto body parts. Handles of the door, seals of the door, water shield of a door, locks, a seal of the window, a motor of the window are the parts which also comes under the category of exterior body parts. But the list is still too long.

Auto interior parts-

The parts which are present inside the automobile are known as auto interior parts. In layman language, the interior automotive parts are basically the parts related to the car seats. The auto interior parts include a headrest, seat bracket, armrest, seat belts, bench seat, covers of a seat. Apart from these, there are various other seat components which are not mentioned here also come under this category. Apart from the seats of a car, carpets, centre console, and floor materials are some other parts which come under this category.

Auto engine parts-

One of the major components of every automobile is the engine of that automobile without which the automobile is nothing. An engine can not do anything without its accessory parts like air duct, crankshaft, engine valve, engine valve, camshaft, piston, cylinder head and many more. Apart from this, there are certainly important parts which also comes under this category are a cooling fan, radiator, water pump, water tank etc. Oil tank, oil pipes, oil filter, oil strainer also comes under this category.

Apart from these, another system of automotive parts is the braking system of the automobile which includes braking pad, brake disc, brake servo and several other parts which are related to the braking system.

The fuel system is also another major category of automotive parts which includes fuel pump, fuel cooler, fuel filter etc.

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