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Alternative Power Systems for Automobiles

In ancient times, automobiles were not used for transportation from one place to another. In the earlier world, horse buggies were used for the transportation to take place. At the time of horse buggies, no one has imagined that there can be automobiles for the travel and transport. In the early eighties, the first steam engine was designed but that was not too successful. When the steam engines were unsuccessful, it was difficult to imagine the automobiles but for this to happen, people have to wait for 20th century. With the upcoming of the 20th century, the place of horse buggies was taken by the automobiles. The introduction of four wheeler automobile has to lead the arrival of the roads and highways so that smooth transportation can occur. But the main issue for the automobiles was the fuel to drive the automobiles and that was a serious issue too. So at that time, the main concern was to find another alternate power system for driving of automobiles.

So after the discovery of modern automobiles, the gasoline combustion engines get introduced which were mounted on the front surface of the automobile. So by using the power fuel, the engine generates power and transfer the whole power to the 4 wheelers uniformly. Another alternation for the fuel power system is diesel fuel. Usage of the different fuel system entirely depends on the automobile. It means that a large automobile operates with the diesel (the automobiles which have to carry a great number of passengers like a bus) and the small automobile makes usage of petrol (the automobile which has to carry a small number of passengers like a car). With the increasing days, the engines are becoming more powerful because of the increased usage of fuel. The fuel is getting more expensive with the increasing days and some of the countries faced fuel crisis because of this and the gasoline internal combustion engine was disturbing the climate and environment so there was definitely a need of better power system.

So as to get rid of the expensive fuel rates, there is definitely a need of another power system and due to technical advancement, another alternative power system got developed i.e., compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).  As compared to the gasoline internal combustion engine, people have got the best and less expensive power system for the automobiles. Another benefit of a new power system is that both the systems are environment friendly. With the absolutely different power system, there is no need for changes in the infrastructure of the automobiles but only a few modifications were needed. The steam engine was not bad actually and caused less harm to the environment but their less efficiency has made them unsuccessful but the gasoline internal combustion engine was not actually that good. One other good alternative to the power system is the battery operated power engines and are known as electric engines. One of the most efficient power systems is an electric engine and they offer good speed as well. But these engines are restricted to the smaller distance only.

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