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A Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Bike for Kids and Adults

Everyone loves to ride the bikes, be it the kids or the adults. The kids or the teenagers are having a great attraction and liking towards the bikes. Parents allow them to have the bike but choosing the best bike is the major concern of most of people because of the safety. Every parent’s first priority is ensure the safety of their children. So selecting the right type of bike for the kids is the major concern. Sometime due to misguidance or improper knowledge, the parents get the improper bikes for their children and they have to suffer from the problems in future. So here is a small guide which consists of the tips to follow while purchasing the bike for the kids.

Always try to choose the bike with the genuine size for the kids by following the below mentioned tips-

• Some parents have a misconception in their mind that their children will grow if they will buy them a high sized bike. But it is absolutely not true, the oversized bike would offer a great difficulty to the children. Rather than being more enjoyable, this bike would lead to a complete discomfort because they will not be able to control it. The oversized bikes will lower the self-confidence of the kids and the chances of the injuries get ultimately increased.

• Always ask the children to wear the flat shoes rather than high heeled shoes because of the high heeled shoes, the kid will not be able to balance the bike and himself. Always try to carry the children with you while going for purchasing the bike so as to get the bike of ideal size or if anyone wants to offer the bike to their kid as a birthday surprise or any special present then they can measure the height of their kid and then buy the bike accordingly.
Always try to choose the bike with the genuine size even for the adults by following the below mentioned tips-

• Although there is no big difference between the selection criteria for the kids as well as the adults. As the size of the wheel for both the bikes is different i.e., the adults have the wheels of the bikes of bigger size as compared to the bikes for the kids. It means that the adult bikes have a wheel of 25 inches. Along with this, they have a sloped tube for the women’s bike and top tube for the bikes for men.

• The criteria for bike selection for men and women are not similar. Before reaching to any decision, always try to place the foot flat on the ground and then measure the distance between the top tube and crotch. A good sized bike should have the spacing of at least two to three inches in between the top tube and crotch. As the women’s bikes do not have a top tube then follow the same procedure by imagining the top tube. Whatever is the size of the bike, the rider should feel comfortable while riding it.

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