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Tips to keep your automobile running smooth

To keep your automobile or car running it’s very important to do routine checkups and inspection of your vehicle. If your automobile is properly maintained then the future cost of repairing and maintain the car is reduced. So check out some of the main things that you shock check regularly of your automobile:

  1. Battery:

Battery is the main part to start your car so it should be neat and clean. You should also check the connections and water level of the battery. If the battery level is low then put battery water in the battery as it needs to start your car’s engine. The alternator of the car charges the battery of your car while the car is running. There should be no sulfur on the battery; the sulfur will give you problem while starting.

  1. Engine:

You should change the engine oil of your car after every 3000 miles to keep your car in good condition. However, if you drive in muddy or dusty areas then you should change your engine oil more often. The filters of the car are also getting very bad when you drive in muddy areas, so the oil filter, air filter, and fuel filters should be changed as well. The spark plugs should be in good condition if you find it bad then immediately replace it with a new spark plug.

  1. Transmission:

If your car is having transmission problems, you should fix it as soon as possible. So to avoid any slipping, grinding noises and to avoid unwanted vibrations, a regular check-up of transmission and transmission fluid is required to keep your car gears shifting smooth.

  1. Brakes:

Most of the cars have disc brakes on the front and drum brakes in back. All the brakes functioned with the help of brake pads to slow or stop the car. When brakes have any problem you will get a warning signal on the dashboard of the car. If you hear any chirping sound or grinding noises then it means it’s the time to change the brake pads. You should change the brake pads immediately to avoid any incidents. If you are not facing any problem, then it is good to check regularly also. You can refer your car’s manual also to check the schedule designed to keep the brake pads good.

  1. Cooling System:

This system keeps the engine of your car cool by pumping the coolant between the radiator and engine. You should check the level of coolant in the reservoir tank and any wear tear on the hoses of your car. You can flush the dirty fluid and fill in the clean coolant.

  1. Suspension:

The shocks, struts, and springs of tires of your car are the part of the suspension. To keep your car maintained the shockers and struts should be checked once in a year and if they are bad then replace it with new ones.

So by following these types of measures, you can keep your car or any automobile like a new one.

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