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Why is My Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

Steps for check Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

Summer’s in any part of the world creates havoc in the lives of many people. People use different means of transport to travel from one place to another. One of the most conventional conveyances is travelling by car. When the summer is at a pinnacle and a person has to go to the working place he uses a car. The problem arises when the air conditioning of the car is at fault. It plays a very pivotal role in the countries where the summers are intolerable. It not only hampers the health of an individual but also impacts the safety of the person. Many a time it becomes uncomfortable and irritating. It is always advisable to check whether all parts of the car are in proper condition before getting ready for any destination.

There are many reasons why Car AC not working.

Clogged Condenser: Car ac not cold As the name suggests condenser the main purpose of a condenser in an AC is to receive hot air from the compressor and turn the vapor or hot air into liquid. The air conditioning system consists of different parts and each component is depended on each other. Any minor fault in any part of the car has a severe that can also lead to the dysfunction of the car.

The solution of the clogged condenser is regular servicing and checking the condenser which is inside protective cover beside radiator grille.

Compressor: The compressor is one of the most important components of AC.

  • The refrigerant absorbs heat from inside, cooling it down and exhausting the heat outside. It happens many times that the car ac not blowing cold air or is not at a satisfactory level. It can even lead to the overheating of the compressor ultimately leading to serious health problems toa person.

Refrigerant Leak:

It happens mainly occurs due to a hole or cracks in the coils that circulates refrigerant. It  leads to many problems in the car, some of the common problems are as follows:

  • The cooling power of AC loses: Refrigerants are a very dominant part of AC. Any damage or leak in refrigerant leads to the loss of cooling power of the AC.
  • Not enough cool air: A slight leakage results in the cooling system where it doesn’t car ac not cold enough outside aggregating the robust of an individual.
  • Coils freezes: Not only refrigerant leak harms the environment, it is illegal to leave them leaking. So it is advisable to change the coil instead of fixing it from professionals.
  • Dirty Air Filter: It confines the flow of cool air and causes uneven cooling. It implies a lower comfort level at a higher cost. It also adds up to allergies, especially to the asthma patient. Regular cleaning of the filters are very important because it helps to stop dirt from building up on the internal components of the AC.

Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

Ducts are passages and air ducts concerned with keeping the quality of air. Cool air or warm air that travels to all parts of the car.

  • AC off before turning off the engine. It has a dual effect. The first is that it reduces the hart stroke one faces while stepping out of the cool car. Secondly, it also extends the battery life of the car.
  • A proper ventilation for the car is very necessary when the interior of the car is very hot. After ventilation, it will be very easy to cool the car instantly.
  • We must start AC first from low and then go for the maximum cooling.

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