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Google self driving Cars Project

self driving Cars

Google is planning to launch a self driving cars, it will work with the help of navigation via Map. Android Auto helps you to stay connected and enjoy your driving experience like never before. Android Auto is Upcoming future to bridge the gap between you, your car and your Smartphone. It allows you to bring navigation, entertainment, and access other apps straight from your car; you just have to plug your Android Smartphone phone.  Not only just android,

The self-driving car is also known as an autonomous car; it is the car which navigates with no need of human input. These cars are capable of environment sensing like it drives according to it nearby objects like other cars, traffic light, pedestrians, and other objects. Car use sensors and camera that are attached it with to sense the environment.

Android is an open source operating system developed for Smartphone. Nowadays, Android has completely changed the life of every person in the world. Firstly Android is basically designed for Smartphone to make your life easy and convenient now it comes to cars and completely change the automobile industry. Now lots of companies are researching on self-drive cars to gain market quickly than others. Self-driving car

Google is a partnership with many companies like Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Lexus to build cars. Google have their own custom car, now called as Waymo. Waymo is an automobile company which is working on Google project, and a subsidiary of Google parent company, Alphabet Inc.

How does Self Driving cars work?

Self-driving cars consist of a Radar Unit, cameras, a radar sensor, a main computer in the trunk, and additional sensors. Self-driving cars require software like Android OS or any other Custom software to drive. This software processes the input, path and gives processed data to the accelerator and steering. On the car, there are lots of sensors are placed to detect nearby objects such as a car, pole, pedestrian, street light, etc.

Benefits of self driving cars:

  1. Safety: The main reason for developing the self-driving car is the protection and safety. This helps to reduce the rate of accidents on the road. According to a report. In American more than 40000 peoples killed due to road accidents. cars are the solution to this problem.
  2. Eco-friendly:  vehicle runs on electricity, which protects the environment from problems like Global warming, greenhouse effect. Due to the electric engine, it reduces air pollution as well as noise pollution and helps peoples from various diseases.
  3. Comfortable:  cars don’t require any driver or human input to navigate, software and sensors work together to drive safely. You can enjoy your ride with no worry about accidents.
  4. Less congestion: this is another main benefit of self-driving cars, these cars help to reduce congestion. Self-driving cars communicate with each other and work according to the nearby objects and traffic signals.
  5. Affordability: According to the report companies like Google, Uber and other companies introduce their self-driving cars at very affordable prices as compare to present cars.

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