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Harley Davidson

The motorcycle company that is known for their style and performance and gathered millions of loyal fans across the globe is the one and only the Harley Davidson. This great motorcycle manufacturer in the world has continued to deliver high-performance machines since 1903. Though the first bikes by Harley Davidson were not anything special for current generation that seemed an engine fitted on a bicycle, Harleys has continued to evolve. Surviving the Great Depression in the 1930s and times of poor financial conditions and product quality, the Harley Davidson still emerged s the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers. The popularity of the brand has amassed great numbers of fans all across the world and various events are held focusing on Harley Davidson worldwide. They are such a legend that even museums dedicated to Harley Davidson are also started.

Harley Davidson has been made popular due to their signature rumbling sound of the V-twin engine. Every person in the world can recognize the distinct sound of the Harleys. Though Harley Davidson usually manufactured heavyweight cruiser bikes with air-cooled twin cylinders engines, they have expanded their services to include light and middleweight bikes too. Aside e from their motorcycles, they also market Harley Davidson brand merchandise like apparels, accessories, toys, video games and home décor and ornaments.

The start of World War I was a boon for the company. The US military demanded motorcycles for military use in War and they bought over 20000 motorcycles. The war also acts as the proving ground for the bikes in the ever-changing battleground in which it succeeded. Due to the continued use of the bike by the military even after the war allowed Harleys to survive the great depression, this continued till the world war II when they fulfilled an order of 100,000 vehicles were given for aiding the US and Allied nations military. This earned the Army-navy E award, an honor given to companies that do extremely well at production at wartime.

After the shutting down of their primary rival Indian, The Harley Davidson became the king of the Road. Being the sole motorcycle manufacturers in America, they have continued to prove themselves a design innovator. The Sportster model introduced in 1957 gave rise to the era of Superbikes. In 1969 due to being sold to AMF Company, the Harley suffered a huge blow to its market. AMF focused more on sales than quality and thus new bike was of lower quality and more expensive. This caused the company to lose 60 percent of the 80 percent market they had in that year of Japanese companies. After great deals of amount spend to take the brand from AMF, the Harley Davidson managed to earn back their reputation and lost buyers.

After the start of the company in 1903, going through thick and thin, overcoming many crises, Harley has emerged as an iconic brand that has hogged loyal fans all over the world. The company is continuously working on creating bikes with superior riding quality that is liked by people from all generations an also incorporated many changes in their engines and body to provide better motorcycles.

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