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Established on 20th January 1920, Mazda is a Japanese based multinational automobile company. Mazda continuously produces outstanding cars with innovative designs and excellent quality vehicles. These cars are made for those people who wish to excellent fuel economy, quality and comfort. They always believe in the philosophy, if it’s not worth driving, then it’s not worth building. In 1931 Mazda Go was launched by them which is resemble as a motorcycle vehicle with the unique feature of cargo carrier at the back side. At the time of bombing on Hiroshima and World War 2, they halted their plan to build up Car Company. Then they began by manufacturing small 4 wheeler trucks in the 1950s. After that in 1960, they launch their 1st car, the R360 coupe in Japan.

After that in 2009, they celebrate their twentieth anniversary with their highest sales of nine lakh cars and won many awards. MX-5 is one of the most popular cars of Mazda Company and comes on the list of top 10 cars internationally. It is famous for its comfort and quality features. Innovative in design, Mazda is the very comfortable two-seater roadster comes with innovative and unique features. MX-5 is released as Mazda MX-Miata in North America and as a Mazda Roadster in Japan.

Mazda, a motor corporation company in Japan, manufactured 1.5 million cars in 2015 for sale globally out of which 1 million vehicles were produced in organization’s plant in Japan. It was the 15th largest automaker by production worldwide. In 2015 they produce the largest vehicle worldwide and they become 15th biggest automaker by production globally. In 1998, the 2nd generation of Mazda MX-5 was launched and their model of 3rd generation was launched in 2005.  As its introduction, it won the award of the car of the years in 2005 in Japan. People who are interested in sports cars will also love these two-seater cars of Mazda MX-5 with innovative features and quality comfort.

In its 4th generation, they unveiled MX-5 on third September 2014 in the United States and Japan. Within three years various Mazda MX-5 vehicle has been launched with the same basic features like lightweight, fabric roof, less money and with lots of fun. Now they launched their 4th generation two-seater cars with innovative features and quality. When you look at the car, you will how tiny it is just like a BMWs mini cars. It is the car of your dreams with affordable price and lightweight. Having new cars requires a constant maintenance and fuel which does not usually come cheap. These cars help you save money and fuel for future. These blows everybody mined with their performance.

There are more than one million of MX-5 has been built and sold globally in 2016. As per its features, it has 6 manual and 6 automatic transmissions and it is similar to Mazda3. Its features like steering wheel, infotainment and cockpit are same as Mazda3. It also has manually operated rooftop which can be open and close anytime.

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