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Best Selling Cars of 2017

When we talk about the top selling cars, it is understandable that low budget cars would take the top spot rather than sports or luxury cars like Ferrari or Rolls Royce. Moreover, there has been a fight in the motor companies about hogging the most market that they can. The trends are continuously changing and the one that can keep up with these changing trends will be the winner. So, here is the list of top selling cars in the year 2017-

1. Honda Civic
Honda Civic is the top seller on our list of the top selling cars of 2017. Honda Civic has been a car loved by Americans for decades and this has not changed till now. The new civic has become more stylish, funkier, spacious and with a more powerful engine. Civic has seen consistent sales over the years and in 2017 is no exception to it. The new civic has every feature of the earlier models like good performance, reliability, and fun to drive, but the fun has just gotten even more cranked.

2. Toyota Camry
The Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car for 15 years straight until it got taken down by Honda Civic in 2017. But still, the name of Camry can’t be erased from the list as easily. The new Toyota Camry 2017 has got a refreshed look after 4 years which looks really sporty. The interior is also very good and feels very luxurious. Toyota Camry is also available in the Hybrid model.

3. Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla is a subcompact or compact cars that were first introduced in 1966 and was the best-selling car for years to come. Corolla is also the world’s most sold car till date surpassing Volkswagen Beetle. But even after so many years and decades, the magic of Corolla has not fainted and in 2017 to it managed to get a spot on the top selling cars list. Bundled with a good list of security features, stylish interior and exterior and powerful engine, it is value for money.

4. Honda Accord
Honda Accord is a midsize sedan that has been a big seller for years and Honda has again tweaked it a bit to satisfy the customer’s demands. The new Honda Accord is also spacious like its previous models and well equipped with lots of features both for safety and luxury like Collision Mitigation Braking System, Adaptive Cruise control, Lane assists, Traffic sign recognition, automatic climate control etc. Honda Accord has always set a style statement in compact car segment and though it is not at the top of the list, still it has got many loyal fans.

5. Nissan Altima
Nissan Altima is a mid-sized car that has become really popular due to its fuel economy and spacious interior. It is a slightly larger, powerful and luxurious than Nissan Sentra. With advanced driver assist, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot warning system, automatic emergency braking system, intelligent forward collision warning, and other features have made the car very popular that it has performed very well in terms of sale.

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