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The Powerful and Spirited BMW i8

Established in 1916, BMW is a Germany based automobile company which is mainly recognized for their Cars and Motorcycles. Earlier in 1945, they were entered into the market with the aircraft engine for planes. But now, they produce the motor vehicle and were the world 12th largest motor vehicle producer in the world. They are one of the best automakers in the world and produce automobile and motorcycle in countries like China, India, South Africa, Germany and United States.

BMW have years of experience in the automobile industry and produces many different cars like 1 series, 2 series, 3 series up to Z series. In the year 2011, they introduce the prototype of “i” series cars, these cars have completely change the automobile industry because these are electric cars. This is the sub-brand of BMW founded in 2011 to manufacture and design plug-in electric cars. BMW i8 is BMW first electric car and the part of BMW “project i”. In 2015, there are lots of upgrades have been done such as now they use lithium-ion batteries to deliver electricity to the car.

Buying a new car is something every people would wish. Having your own personal car requires constant maintenance and fuel which does not usually come cheap. Electric cars help you to save money and fuel for future.This electric car has completely changed the automobile industry and blows everybody mined with its performance.  Now, there are lots of manufacturers are working on the electric engine to capture the market in future. There is another benefit of the electric engine is, these engines use electric instead of fuel like petroleum etc. so, these engines protect the environment form various problems like Global warming, greenhouse effect, and others.

BMW i8 first production version is unveiled in 203 at the motor show. In June 2014, BMW released the first version of BMW i8 for the public of Germany. After that, they start selling it to other countries like India, America, China, Brazil and other parts of the world. The sale of this BMW i8 has broken all the records of global sale since June 2014 and achieved the title of world top selling elect cars.

BMW i8 will work on both electric as well petrol and can give mileage up to 47 kilometers per hour. The hybrid electric motor is developed by the team of BMW group. If you drive this BMW i8 in electric mode, the top speed of the car will be 120 kilometers per hour. This supercar is powered by various features like Sports, comfort, and eco pro mode, you can choose it according to the road condition.

Key Specification:


  • Displacement: 1499cc
  • Power: 234 BHP @ 5800 rpm
  • Max torque: 320 nm @3700 rpm
  • Number of cylinders: Three
  • Number of gears: 6 speed
  • 0 o 100 kilometers: 4 seconds
  • Top speed: 250 kilometers per hour


  • Mileage: 45 kilometers per liter
  • Fuel type: Electric as well as Petrol
  • Fuel Tank: 47 Liters.

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