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Xenoverse 2 Best Masters and How to Unlock Them

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To find out how to unlock the finest masters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, look for those who hide the best skills, the most useful, and the best in order to compete against the fiercest opponents in competitive and narrative mode.

Many of the strongest skills in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 can be unlocked by completing side quests, but some will require you to undergo the rigorous instruction of these teachers. You can begin from the beginning to see what they are and how they change as you continue through the game.


Vegeta is one of the best masters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 since he permits us to become Super Saiyans if you complete his second task and reach level 40. Once you’ve completed it, go to the Capsule Corporation, find him, and follow his instructions.

In addition, when you complete the first phase of training by the assistance of xenoverse 2 instructors, he gives us the Galick Gun, which isn’t terrible for a talent that is new to the game. Simply kill Zarbon and Dodoria in storey mode to unlock the first of your finest Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 masters. You are free to continue.


Why is this the second of the best Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 masters available? Because the last move he teaches you is the perfect Kamehamehameha, one of the best Kames in the game. To unlock Cell, you must first complete his full narrative in storey mode. Worth.


Bills is unlocked after beating the Buu tale in narrative mode, and he boasts one of the game’s most terrifying powers. His strike, God of Destruction’s Anger or Wrath of the God of Destruction, requires only one bar and charges the opponent’s stamina. If you play a lot from a distance, Bills can teach you one of the most valuable collections of assaults.


Goku is unlocked at the end of the main plot, and you’ll enjoy him since he has three extremely powerful skills hidden in his last three lessons: immediate transmission, x10 Kamehameha, and Super Kamehameha. The tastes of each one enter here, and you’ll notice that the internet is full with forums debating whether the perfect one from Cell or Goku is superior; in most cases, you’ll be able to use the first one more.


To unlock Broly, you must first achieve the God Mode rank, which is obtained by completing the storey mode, bringing him to Conton City, and defeating an event, yes, you must defeat him. It can be found soaring over the houses you get as part of the side objectives. You will be left with Gigantic Meteor as a result of his attacks because of its catastrophic power; however it does not match the other powers stated above.

You’re about to meet the masters of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s DLC, which, as you may know, requires either going through the box or waiting for the Nintendo Swirch version to come out, buy it, and play it there.

Players in “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” can also take Advancement Tests at Orange Star High School (speak to the Advancement Test Desk robot) to unlock new assignments from the instructors, which they can complete to raise their training bar.

The marks are available in three different colours: bronze, silver, and gold. Players will just have to work their way up the training bar to obtain the third one. Bronze, on the other hand, will only take roughly 33%.


Players in “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” should go to Start, then Play Data, and then Turn Page to the left to see their progress. It is recommended that the Total Training Levels be presented. Players can keep track of how close they are to unlocking a training mark there.

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