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Top upcoming Automobile Video games

Nowadays, video games are one of the best sources of entertainment. Every age of people loves to spend their quality time with such games. It is observed that kids have an inclination to racing games in comparison with other computer games. These racing games help kids to reduce the stress from their mind. These racing games include various kind of vehicles such as Car, bus, truck, Motorcycle and many another automobile. The video game industry has grown into a multimillion-dollar industry because of all the new technologies being introduced every day. There is a large number of racing games and other games are under development.

Here are some popular upcoming games that are set to be launched in 2018:

BeamNG.Drive: BeamNG.Drive is an automobile simulation game developed and published by German-based Company known as Bremen. This simulation game is designed for computers running on Microsoft Windows. It includes lots of automobile vehicle such as passenger cars, trucks, bus, vans, pickup truck and many other vehicles from popular brands. The game is powered by Torque engine which enhances the gaming experience.

World of Speed: World of speed is a next-generation video game that is developed by Saber Interactive Redemption Ark and published by My.com. This game is basically designed as an online racing game that allows you to play with other people all across the world with its multiplayer feature. The release date for this game is not released yet but it will available soon in 2018. In this game, you can drive world leading brands premium sports cars and challenge your friend in online mode.

GTR 3: GTR3 is a very popular racing game that is set to release in 2018. This is the third installment of a racing game developed by SimBin development studios. SimBin game development company is mainly popular for developing games like GT legends and many other popular games.  This game consists of lots of GT and WTCC class vehicle. The gameplay of this game is very easy; there is no need for extra computer knowledge to drive a vehicle.

The Crew 2: The Crew 2 is the second installment from Ivory Tower and Ubisoft. This game is designed for Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox and others. This racing game is going to release in mid of 2018. It includes vehicle such as Airplane, Cars, Motorcycle, Boat and other. This racing game is a successor of The Crew which was launched in 2014. The Crew 2 is mainly in the hype because of the previous version that is popular for its graphics, location, and lots of action.

Gravel: Gravel is an off-road racing game developed and published by Milestone S.r.l. It is designed for Sony PlayStation and maybe it also designed for another platform such as Windows, Microsoft Xbox, and other platforms. Gravel is based on the unreal engine so that user can experience high-quality visuals. You can also experience this game in multiplayer mode to play with other players all over the world.

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