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The Crew 2 by Ivory Tower

Playing video games is not limited to kids anymore. In the earlier days, playing video games was considered a waste of time. But today the views have totally changed because playing video games has turned out to be a rewarding profession. Along with the internet, video games have really become a part of everyday life for lots of people. One thing we appreciate is a good racing game. We truly appreciate them, even more, when we get to play with exotic cars while we’re on the go.

With the advent of technology and innovations, video games are changed completely as compared to the traditional games. There are lots of companies are working on developing new alluring graphics games to enhance the gaming experience. Ivory Tower and Ubisoft are one of them, both Ivory Tower and Ubisoft are French-based video game developers. Ubisoft is mainly popular for its games like Prince of Persia, Far Cry, Watch Dog and many others. Ubisoft and Ivory Tower are working together on their upcoming game “The Crew 2”. ]

The Crew 2 is an upcoming game which is developed by Ivory Tower SA SU and published by Ubisoft for platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles. Ivory Tower studio is absolutely thrilled to give a world premiere first look at the latest installment in the Crew franchise. There is no better playground to explore the thrill and excitement of motorsports.

According to the report, this newest iteration in the revolutionary franchise is set to release on Q2/Q3 in 2018. The joint project between both of these giant video game developer companies is set to make it different from other games. The Crew 2 is powered by the powerful game engine to give you that enhance your gaming experience. After watching the preview of this upcoming game, some even claim that this video game may be the best entertainment on the Earth in future.

In this racing game, you can experience United States cities, rocky mountain, streets, and many other iconic locations in the United States. The game consists of challenges in street and pro racers, off-road expert, and freestylers. Here, you will find latest and iconic sports cars, airplanes, boat, motorcycle racing and much more. It is one of the best sources of entertainment for kids because it is observed that kids have an inclination to racing games in comparison with other computer games.

The Crew 2 is a successor of the sequel to 2014 namely “The Crew”. This latest installment from the subsidiary of Ubisoft contains high graphic with open world environments like other popular game such as Grand Theft Auto series and many others. This game is basically designed for Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation, and Microsoft Xbox console. Maybe in future, it is also available on many other platforms. According to the developer, this game also allows players to play with other people all across the world with its multiplayer feature.

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