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Best car racing games for PC

Desktop PCs has been a great platform to play games for generations. Most people like to play games on their computer and there are many hardware components available to enhance the game playing on the computer. Today companies develop their computers by keeping in mind the game playing ability. Many types of games are available to play on computers that include genres like racing, action, adventure, role playing, shooting, fighting etc. But racing games are the one that we start playing from when we were kids and it is mostly the first game genre that you will come in contact with your life.

Racing games are not only popular with the kids, but also among adults. Owing a racing car or sports car is a common dream shared by many kids especially boys. Though many can’t buy them, racing games provide them a brief insight into the racing experience from the soaring cars with roaring sounds. Car Racing is the most popular genre of computer games and there are many games released every year due to the demand from players. Some of the best racing games are listed below-

Dirt rally- Dirt rally is the best rally game that has surpassed even its predecessor Dirt 3 in providing a wonderful rally racing experience to players. You just don’t drive on the dirt tracks and go through lots of twists and turn but engage in the race like you are actually taking part in a rally racing. The Dirt rally has gained quite a popularity in rally games fans with its amazing graphics and driving details.

Shift 2- When talking about in-depth detailing, then shift 2 is the best in the market. Everything from the way the car handles and view from inside cockpit is defined in best details. Shift 2 is the 17th installment in the Need for Speed game franchise which is the most popular racing games series for PC. Delivering authentic and really like dynamic crash, intricately detailed real-world cars, drivers and tracks, Shift 2 redefines the racing games genre.

Project CARS 2- it is developed by Slightly Mad Studios and has been released for platforms like Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the best motorsport simulator racing game that gives you a good experience of driving a car on racing tracks. The game has good racing condition simulator with on track and weather and lighting that gives the delusion that you are actually racing in the real world track.

TrackMania 2: Canyon- A good track design is the life of every racing game and TrackMania 2: Canyon takes care of that important detail very effectively. It is published by Ubisoft which is a very popular game vendor. This game gives the players an adrenaline-filled experience that is even on a higher level than its predecessor.

Forza horizon 3- It is an open world racing game developed by playground games. This game is available for Xbox One and Windows 10 platform. The game has a mix of high graphics and smooth racing experience to players. You can also play with your friends across the world through online mode.

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