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Biggest ships in the world

Whenever we talk about ships, one name comes to everyone’s mouth- Titanic. It is the most popular ship in the history not because it was the biggest ship, but because it sank on its first journey. When we talk about the biggest ships, then cruise ships don’t even cut the list. The world’s biggest ships are oil tankers and container vessels.
Water transport has been popularized these days due to the availability of luxury cruisers at cheaper prices. Many cruise ships are made that provide an enjoyable time to the passengers. But no matter how big these luxury cruisers are made, they can’t be as big as the tankers or container ships.

Here is the list of the largest ships in 2017-

1. Seawise Giant– It is the biggest ship till date ever built in the world. It is a ULCC supertanker and the longest ship ever built with a length of 453 m. Seawise giants were also known as Happy Giant, Jahre Viking, Knock Nevis and Mont. Seawise giant had the greatest deadweight tonnage ever recorded.
2. Pierre Guillaumat– Named after the French politician and founder of Elf Aquitaine oil industry, Pierre Guillaumat was a supertanker. It was the second largest ship ever built and was the third vessel of Batillus class supertankers. Due to the huge unprofitability and declining demand, it was scrapped only after 6 years of its commission. Pierre Guillaumat was 412.22 m long and had a deadweight tonnage of 555,000 tones. The ship could go at the speed of 16 knots of speed.
3. Batillus– A supertanker built in 1976; Batillus was the first ship in the Batillus class supertankers. Due to less usage and demand, the Batillus was scrapped in 1985, just 9 years after its first commission. The Batillus had a deadweight capacity of 554,000 tones and speed of 16-17 knots. Its length was almost 1359 feet, only one foot less than the 1360 feet Pierre Guillaumat.
4. Esso Atlantic– Esso Atlantic is an oil tanker and has one of the most popular names in the history of ships. Esso Atlantic had a length of 406.57 m. This incredible oil tanker has a deadweight capacity of 516,891 tons. The Esso Atlantic oil tanker is one of the seven ships in the history that have surpassed the half a million tons deadweight in maritime history. There were only two ships in the Esso Atlantic class- Esso Atlantic and Esso Pacific. Esso Atlantic served the world for 35 years.
5. Emma Maersk– Emma Maersk is the only ship in the top biggest ship list that is still in service and is owned by the A. P. Moller-Maersk Group. Named after the late wife of Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller. Along with its sister ships, Emma Maersk is the longest container ships and longest ships still in use. The Emma Maersk has the deadweight capacity of 159000 tons and speed of almost 26 knots. It is 397 m or1305 feet long.

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