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Caterpillar 797 The Mining Giant

Caterpillar is one of the biggest construction manufacturers in the world. It is an America based truck manufactures which basically design, develops and sells engines insurance to customers all over the world. Caterpillar Inc. is founded in 1925 in America, headquarter is located in Deerfield, Illinois. They also manufacture machinery, on-road trucks, engines, gas turbines, agriculture products and much more. They start selling on-road trucks in 2011 namely Cat CT660.

Caterpillar 797F is the flagship product developed by Caterpillar 797F. This giant mining truck is awarded as the largest mining truck all across the world. 6.52 meter is the height of this truck where the width is 14.8 meter. This heavy-duty truck equipped with modern design and makes feel comfortable to the driver while he drives. This latest version of heavy machinery includes every single feature to the driver. It consists of high-quality and light material on the dashboard, design, wheel loaders and much more.   Wheel loader of the caterpillar is making you feel comfortable. The cab also has extra space to store equipment and other necessary objects.

The worker can enjoy it while driving with its adjustable seats and suspension make you feel good. The dash of a Caterpillar wheel loader is easy to read, with backlit displays that are sealed to keep dust and water from putting them out of service. When a caterpillar enters the market it blows everybody mind by its performance and size. Other heavy machinery manufacturing companies start researching on their latest products which make them strong then caterpillar. Brakes, engine, and design of the truck are made with advanced technology which increases the efficiency of the truck. The Caterpillar wheel loader is a well-designed machine for any use.

Caterpillar 797 is different than other mining trucks because of its performance and alluring design and size. The top speed of this mining giant is 50 mile per hour, it is far better than other companies mining trucks. Many adjustments and improvements were made in the new model to make it more off-road capable and make it vary from others. The main reason why this mining truck is better than other is, it is first AC electric truck. This truck is capable of running on any kind of conditions and gives you best performance as compared to other mining trucks.

Caterpillar made many accessories and another component for caterpillar 797. All these products made by caterpillar are a modular design which allows you to easily remove and install it on this heavy giant. Engaging with this truck, you can remove engine, generator, motors, inverter and grid independently. Mitsubishi electric IGBT motor is used in this caterpillar which powers the truck to maintain its speed and direction of the truck.

Key features:

    1. Displacement: 5187.0
    2. Power: 3188.0 horsepower
    3. Chassis weight range: 0 lb
    4. Top Speed: 40 miles per hour
    5. Payload capacity: 345 tons
    6. Steer angle: 34 degrees
    7. Dynamic retarding: 6370 horsepower
    8. Fuel tank capacity: 1900 gallon.

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