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History of Ford F-150

Ford F-150

When we talk about pickup trucks, then the name of the Ford F-150 is a legend in the industry. Winning the title of the most popular pickup truck for 23 years, the Ford F-150 is a legend among legends. F-150 is the most selling truck of Ford motors in the United States and Canada. The Ford F-150 is the most popular model of the Ford F series line of pickup trucks.

Ford F-150

F-150 is a pickup truck of the F series of Ford Motors line of pickup trucks. Ford has been mainly popular as a car manufacturer and has gained a significant following in the world due to the Ford Mustang. The Mustang was the best selling car of Ford and has continued over years as a legend. But Ford F-series and specifically F-150 has made Ford known in the truck industry too. Ford F-150 was introduced in 1975 and has undergone many changes over the years, both in the performance and design.

Till now there are 13 generations of F-series vehicle and F-150 has also been seen as a part of these. Between 1980 and 1986, when the seventh generation was launched, all vehicles received a complete makeover in design with improved aerodynamics and fuel economy. When the production of F-100 was stopped, F-150 got another crown of the lightest pickup truck in the market. Though they both were identical with just F-150 having bigger brakes and bigger bolt pattern on axles. In this generation, F-150 ceased to have 3-speed manual transmission. Also, power windows, power door locks and power mirrors and other advanced technological amenities were introduced in this generation.

New generation Ford F-150

As the years and generations went by, the F-150 saw many redesigns and advancements and finally arrived at the latest thirteenth generation first introduced in 2015. The vehicle saw a change from steel to an aluminum body for reducing weight.

Specifications of 2017 Ford F-150

Engine- The new F-150 is powered by 3.5L EcoBoost engine delivering the maximum towing power of 12,200lbs. The engine comes with a twin turbocharger on demand and has better performance than other V6 engines.

Transmission- It has a 10-speed transmission with the 3.5L EcoBoost engine. This transmission is better in performance than the previous 6-speed automatic transmission. The transmission is also made from lightweight alloy materials to enhance the power to weight ratio.

Body- The cabin in new F-150 is made from the highest quality, military-grade aluminum alloys making the vehicle 700 pounds lighter than the previous generation and better fuel efficiency, enhanced towing and payload capacity. The lighter body has improved the power to weight ratio for better performance.

BLIS alert system- The latest model comes with the BLIS or Blind Spot Information System that provides coverage for both the truck and trailer you are towing. It also comes with cross-traffic alert system to alert the driver when a vehicle is passing from behind.

Others- To improve the quality of riding and assisting driver, it also has other driver assist technology like Curve control, Advance Trac with RSC, Active park assist etc.

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