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Best Pet Hair Remover For your Car

Pet Hair Remover

Pet Hair Remover

Having pets can be a great joy for any person and family household, but with every pet there are responsibilities. One of these is the amount of pet hair that goes everywhere, the house, clothes, and your car. Pet hair is tough to remove but there are ways to deal with it, especially in your car whenever you must take your pet on a car ride. It is by no surprise that car wash and car detailing services charge an extra fee to work with pet hair infested vehicles. If you have or had a pet in your car, you would know the struggles of removing pet fur from your car interior. Unlike common contaminants, sometimes hair gets tangled into the fabric and can be so stubborn that no vacuum could suck it up without excessive brushing involved. If you or a passenger suffer from pet allergies, this is definitely a guide you should really consider.

First Steps to clean the Hair:

If your pet has shed its pet hair onto your car seats, the first step is to break out the vacuum and lint rollers. If there is a lot of hair on these seats, use the vacuum to quickly suck up any big piece and climbs of hair that has accumulated. Pet hair isn’t always in clumps therefore use the lint roller to clean up any loose and small pieces of pet hair. This will help get a got portion of the pet hair off, however for vehicles with a lot of pet hair, even these methods won’t finish the job.

For the tough spots and pieces:

For these tougher and thicker pieces of hair, a good tool would use an aircompressor. This gadget shoots compressed air which can lodge pieces of pet hair from tough to reach places and small nooks and crannies around the car’s interior. After a sufficient blow, again use the lint roller and vacuum to clean it up; but make sure not to spread any pieces around if your vacuum is a hand vacuum. It just makes sure that you can find all the pieces possible since some pets have different types of fur and the shedding could be easy or tough to identify. For any other piece of hair that is just too stubborn to remove with these methods, use some water and rubber gloves can help get the pet hair off. Water as an adhesive property that allows other things to somewhat attach itself to it until its wiped off, therefore any loose hair that really won’t come off the seats will, with a little water on a glove. Use your hand in the glove and place it on the pieces of hair, bring them up and wash them off the gloves, repeat until all the pet hair is off.

We understand having a close companion such as your furry one can be excellent company and just because it may dirty your car doesn’t mean you can’t drive around with them inside your car. Take all these notes into consideration and you will be fine. A quick tip: Add window interior covers to prevent your pets from scratching and damaging your window tint as this can become a costly repair as noted by window tinting specialists here.

All these methods are proven to clean up pet hair from cars, as well as other surfaces. To further make sure pet hair is managed, grooming your pets to help shed hair off in a space that you can decide is easy to clean up. Another consideration is to install pet seat covers that will collect all the loose hair or you could also regularly brush your pet’s fur so that there is a minimal chance of shedding inside the car. These steps will guarantee to keep your pet shredded hair to be more manageable.

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