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Types of Nut or Bolt Extractor

Bolt Extractor

A screw extractor and bolt extractor are a tool for removing damaged bolt or screws. It has made from hard, brittle steel. While screws are often literary referred to as bolt, but they are not the same. Screws thread into parts while bolts have used to join two various non-threaded parts.

A screw extractor has not used to remove the bolt. Bolt extractor has used to remove the bolts. This suitable extractor helps you to get unstuck hardware out of the way and work easier. There are a variety of removers that used for different types of studs, nuts, and bolt. Users can select any extractor from various extractors according to their needs. The following are some of the bolt extractor used to extract damaged bolt.

  1. Irwin tool bolt-Grip performance series

It is mainly used by professional applicants daily to remove the damaged bolt. It is suitable for a wide range of professional and technical applications. It has designed in such a way that it takes the advantages of the high torque of a rotary hammer. It has a special kit, mainly designed for 4 to 19 pieces. It has the following additional features

  • Optional storage case
  • Standard model
  • Durable finishing
  1. Maximum impact 13-pieces

It provides a simple and effective way to remove rounded off bolt or fasteners. It has a traditional wrench feature inside it. Maximum impact pieces can be used with 3/8-inch square- drive ratchet to remove the bolt. It has an impact hammer also. Further, it has the following features

  • It has made from robust steel
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • In this type of bolt extractor, there are more affordable options.
  1. Vampliers pro lineman’s

When you have to face a problem of heavily corroded nuts, this bolt extractor is a more convenient way to meet this type of problem. It has sharpened and hardened a jaw that provides a good grip on a wide range of nuts from every angle. Additional features

  • It has rubberized ergonomic handles
  • Built-in wire cutter
  1. Irwin Hanson bolt- Grip

 The parts of Irwin Hanson bolt-grip is made with thick walls and accept 3/8-inch ratchet. It also has an excellent grip. It is the right choice for hobbyists. Because it has a right hand on rusted or damaged nuts. It has the following features

  • Available in a 9-piece set
  • It has protected by high impact plastic case
  • Careful selection needed because available in a wide range of price differences
  1. Irwin tools multi- Spline

If you need to extract the machine bolt or Allen bolt then, the Irwin tools multi-Spline bolt extractor may be used. When it has used with a tap kit or drill bit, then it is a conjunction form of bolt extractor. The tool can also extract threaded lugs or broken nuts. It has 25 fluted spiral pieces. It has used with a socket wrench.

  1. Irwin tools power Grip

It is a durable form of high carbon steel that is fit in most drills. It has a feature of quick-change adapters. It comes in 7 pieces set, which is the least expensive form available in the market. It has the following additional features

  • Work on every small headless nut
  • It does not include a case

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